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Thread: where the Tech baby gear at?

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    where the Tech baby gear at?

    Alright what's up everyone my names Johnny and 8 days ago I just had my first born son and I was thinkin how fuckin legit it would be if I could get some kind of tech n9ne baby I got to lookin and strange ain't got nothin for babys lol tryna start the next generation of technicians!
    So tech and Trav...what's good with the strange baby gear?

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    Congrats on the baby, hope everyone is healthy. I would figure the market for baby gear is so low that the profit wouldn't be there but who knows.

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    Thanks man things are goin great so far, yea I figured that was probably the reason why but DWAMN! How legit would it be to have a lil red and black onesi with the snake and bat logo on the front lol maybe ill have to look into gettin one cutom made somewhere

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    I know, it would be sweet. I had a complete Jordan onesie, booties and hat ready for my son the day he was born as I am a Jordan freak so I feel you on that.

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    ahh, sweet. for the little ones. i was thinking tho............strange logo fingernail decals would be nice. I would be the first to order! congrats on the baby

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    This is what Juggalos do....good lord.

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    Hows that a juggalo?

    Quote Originally Posted by CHi Star
    This is what Juggalos do....good lord.

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    I used to see blue I ? Tech N9ne onesi's all the time. I just searched and can't find them anymore.

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    Awww! That would be sooo cute(:
    Thats a good idea though.

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    and Saddam is right on queue with his bitch made comments.

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