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Thread: Brotha Lynch Hung "Suicide Watch" Part 1

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    Brotha Lynch Hung "Suicide Watch" Part 1

    Edited by Brotha Lynch Hung

    Lynch is getting into directing & writing videos with the help of Don Rob

    This is a little taste.....

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    damn that shits doope

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    BLH doesn't need those contacts to look like a scary dude.

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    Excited to see what BLH starts to do with Madesicc now. At this point I highly doubt he'll be resigning with Strange Music after Mannibalector, but regardless I'll still support him in whatever business venture he takes. It's nice to see some true quality work put out on his own without Strange solely due to the fact that if he doesn't resign it's good reassurance that all will not be lost after they part ways. Prior Strange albums were still ill for the most part but I'm hoping that he takes some of the tools with him he's obviously gained these past few years and applies them to the fullest with Madesicc. That's simply in the case he leaves Strange though. I'm honestly hoping he decides to stay but in reality it's beginning to look doubtful.

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