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Thread: Joe Budden's next EP to feature Tech N9ne!

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    Joe Budden's next EP to feature Tech N9ne!

    Joe Budden reached out to Tech N9ne on twitter!

    JoeBudden @TechN9ne Tech, I need to holla @ u bout something I'm working on... JoeBudden@TechN9ne my #'s in your dm

    Joe Budden's EP to feature Elzhi, Blu, Phonte, Skyzoo, Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne, Slug, Hopsin, Z-Ro & Big K.R.I.T.

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    a lot of ft for a EP

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    Senior Member mattmeyer's Avatar
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    Sounds like it will be a dope ep. Might have to pick it up

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    It'd be tight to hear another Hopsin, Tech track. With that many features on an EP its not to much to think it'll be Tech, Budden, and a third feature on one song.

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    Joe Budden collabing with Kendrick, Tech, and Hop <3

    I was just thinking of people Tech needed to collab with today, and Joe Budden was included on that list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt meyer
    Sounds like it will be a dope ep. Might have to pick it up

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    The MoodGod is one of my favorite rappers, I think I'm more excited for the Budden Slug track

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    damn those are some sick features to waste on an EP lol. unless its more of a Hell: The Sequel EP than a Seepage EP

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    fuuuuuckin siiiickkkk incase u don't know (cuz theres only like 2 hiphop heads on this site) ALL those rappers are dope lyricists this gonna be a ridiculous EP

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