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Thread: Wow... ( Strangeland collabs talk )

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    Wow... ( Strangeland collabs talk )

    Do you think Jay Rock will be on the album? No one has said a thing about him, and he is not even on the main collabs list when your at .. Do you think he is getting ready to do a E.P.? Or in production of a TDE album? I for one would much rather it be without Rock... what do you guys think and whats you'r thoughts on this?

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    I sure hope he's not on it!

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    He'll be on it, he's talked about working on it on twitter, I'm pretty sure.

    And I, for one, am glad about that.

    EDIT: Sept. 9th, he posted: "In the studio wit [s]@[/s]KrizzKaliko and [s]@[/s]TechN9ne...."

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    Jay Rock is sick, There was only one song on his CD that I skipped, and he is definitely on the album. He is on one with Tech and Kutt I believe

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    He is on it, period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHi Star
    He is on it, period.

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    I read on the blog that Stevie Stone and Jay Rock are going to collaborate on a song for strangeland.Its a strange music collabos album anyways you have to have Jay Rock on the album. He is a good story teller, and good overall lyricist as well.

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    it would be a safe bet on this album to say everyone on strange (except maybe scoob with his health issues) will be on it.

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    Well with the song E.M.J. being on there I'd sure hope Jay Rock would be on it, several times

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    This.v........and Jay Rock is dope!Along with all Black Hippy/TDE Ent. members.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alucard

    Quote Originally Posted by CHi Star
    He is on it, period.

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