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Thread: joe vertigo??

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    joe vertigo??

    i dont kno if anyone has posted this before or anything, but what do yall think about Joe Vertigo?, or is he still affiliated with Tech???...ha. i thought he was sick on "2piece" Mizery Loves Company, fucking bad ass on "Colors" Feature Presentation, and hella STRANGE!! On "Papers" Gates Mixed Plate.give this fool the contract to strange.....!

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    vertigo was one of his bodyguard/ bouncers thats on stage with tech and off to the sides incase something goes down, also he would do pat downs at the meet and greets... he had his last time on the road with tech on the Canuck the Industry tour... i was at the last show in chilliwack talked to him a little bit, he's a pretty awesome dude, I'm not sure why he's done tech didn't say nor did he, Maybe he's gonna actually do more music now, i don't know maybe someone else has the info on this i suppose you could look for his FB, twitter, w/e

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