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    I'm a have to give it up to JAY ROCK " Follow Me Home " . IC West Coast Album,which we ain't had in a long time.That album is still in my rotation as we speak.

    Runner up is Tech w/ " All 6's and 7's " . Dope Album as well but follow me home is my Shit!

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    Jay Rock on some sorry shit.... sorry N' shit.

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    It's All Good..probably can't relate or understand what he talking about.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scotty King
    Jay Rock on some sorry shit.... sorry N' shit.

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    Best EP goes to SCOOB!

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    Boomerang is my jam!

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    all 6's and 7's was my favorite album, but for the ep i had to give it to kutt, just beat out no filter for me

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    Best EP is Kutts

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    I liked Jay Rock's album, but I have to give it to All 6's And 7's as an overall album, CHS was too repetitive (inb4 Pimp Limp says that Tech has been restating the same shit for 5 years) but it was still a great album 'n I enjoyed it more than DAAM. As for EPs it's actually really tough cuz they're all the shit, I'm still in love with S.I.C. only disappointing song on there is Rain Dance but I mean, it's not that bad it just reminds me of some of the filler from Shock Treatment. Meanwhile, Kutty's RHSC imo is solid all the way thru. Big Scoob did really well on No Filter as well, but I'ma give best EP to Kutty

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    6s and 7s by far i liked follow me home but it was all the same just talk about gangbangin and guns the whole album

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    Album - All 6s And 7s

    EP - S.I.C.

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