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Thread: so i got this 95 civic

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    so i got this 95 civic

    I filled the tank to full, reset odometer. im now at empty and only went 200 miles. can someone here tell me why the fuck im only getting like 20 MPG in this bitch? im not driving the bitch hard at all either.

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    Leak in the tank, engine may be dirty as hell so then it's working extra hard to make the fuel run through the engine there for using way more than it should be. Blow by may be occurring as well. Do you hear a tinny tapping kind of noise when the car is just stationary and running? Check your cylinders, get an oil change and a tune up.

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    Someone might be stealing your gas.

    Check ur tire pressure and try adding some Lucas fuel treatment just to see what happens.

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    Maximum allowed tyre pressure minimizes drag, has your mechanic done a full inspection? do you trust your mechanic?...Try NOT loading up the back seat with jugglette whores, might also help!

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