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Thread: Tech N9ne in Africa...

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    Tech N9ne in Africa...


    I work for a local hip hop magazine called HUB here in Gaborone, Botswana (Africa)... We're trying to expand, and with that get a few interviews from across the water. I recently started listening to Tech N9ne, and proceeded in acquiring 80% of your work. I will not lie to you, it is virtually impossible to find a Tech N9ne CD here, and I know why. However, thanks to this site, I am able to order some of your stuff online, have them sent to a friend on New York, then she mails them all the way

    I would, however like to say that your music is one that should be shared, because there are a lot of young people here that would relate to your struggle... See, we have a picture of the music industry over there, and it seems so rosy... People try to recreate that in Botswana and it never works... However, one vision i had for the industry here is one that you have had success with, going at it alone, and with full creative control, which allows you to really grow and to communicate your thoughts and feeling to your fans personally... I just love that...

    That said, I would love to push Tech N9ne in my local community as much as possible... I bump your tracks as much as possible and as loud as I can... and whenever possible, I introduce someone new to one of your albums (usually K.O.D and All 6s and 7s), then tell them to do their research on you... I really would love you to grace our next cover, as for me, you were the biggest success of the last two years... From K.O.D, to successfully having the mainstream market listen to you, on your terms! Even I didn't think it would work this beautifully, Congratulations Tech...

    I don't know if you'd spare some time for an interview in the very near future, on your terms of course, just to introduce you to our local market...

    Thanks again, Eddy

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    This is cool, I like the message you're trying to spread and wish you luck in getting Tech to notice this.

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    You get em Eddy! Help the movement spread

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    Building a buzz on this site is definitely the way to get it hooked up. Figure out who to get ahold of and deliver a clear concise message. Somebody on here has the details you need

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    keep this going


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    Thanks gents... I'm sure Tech's an extremely busy man... It doesn't hurt to reach out... Thanks again...

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