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Thread: Car Subwoofers/Amp Question

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    Car Subwoofers/Amp Question

    I'm going to be getting these for my new car..

    And I need to know what kind of amp would work best for them? Was thinking about getting this, ( ) but I don't know a whole lot about them so hopefully someone else does.


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    well I don't have a car but my dad does and I do know alil about 'em so Imo you don't need an 1000 watt amp to get good power he's got 1000 watt subs and only a 600 watt amp and he shakes the block with that the subs are Dual's and the amp is an MTX.

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    I have those but mine are 12s and im only running 800 to them and they sound really good BUT im also running on a MTX amp

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