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Thread: Help with quote for tattoo.

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    Help with quote for tattoo.

    So earlier this year I got Tech's autograph tattooed on my upper left arm. I wanted to add a Tech quote above it, but didn't have anything in mind at the time. I don't want anything drug, sex, or gang/violence related. Any suggestions?

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    Come up with it yourself man, don't rush a tattoo through an idea somebody posted on a forum. Just listen to the music and let something hit you.

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    if you need help finding a quote. then you probably shouldn't get the tatt in the first place. a tatt is supposed to be something you feel, not what others do.

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    If You Want Justice, Go To The Whore House. If You Wanna Get Fucked, Go To The Court House

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    "I will never amount to anything putting anothers mans name on my body, And im not cool enough to do my own name"
    (scribble scribble scribble 9)

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