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Thread: Show Me A GOD

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    Show Me A GOD

    Anyone ever put any thought into the fact that "Time is running out" during everready, and "Show me a God" during K.O.D. have turned into "Promiseland." now?? I'm not minimizing anything going on with his Mother. My prayers are with her, but it does show that indeed time didn't run out, and after putting a lifetime into music and being #1, Tech is getting his much deserved respect and validation as an artist. That he has reaped what he sowed, and God has given him Blessings. I mean really, we may not get exactly what we ask for but we do recieve what we work for.

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    I don't want to be quoted on this and I don't know ALL the facts BUT..
    I don't think getting more famous is going to do anything to the fact that his mother has been sick a good portion of her life.
    As he said (loosely) no amount of money is going to help her get better, but the fact that it hasn't gotten as worse as it could is no reason to go on about God.

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    Well first off, I made no mention of his mother being any worse off then she could be, Secondly I didn't say things with his mother weren't bad. I feel disrespectfull talking to you, some random guy on the net, about his sick mother. Now that that's behind us and we can leave that topic alone. I am saying Tech is seeing his dreams of making it in the Game, and being reconized as one of the elite. That his mother gets to live through some of that. So he gets some blessings, and sometimes we got to count them. He asked God for a Sign.... then Tech blew up...... " they wanna shut a nigga down gotta make this shit pop... Time is running out" "Nevea like I cheated for the chedda what eva we gotta do to make it betta, cuz I'm runnin out, momma gotta get a betta livin, i got the power to bust...." he's talkin on making money mang, being successfull to enable him to pay for help with his mother...and other aspects of his life. So for you to come here talking shit, on something that has little to nothing to remotely do with my topic.... your a jack ass, if you have problems with God as a topic...get the fuck on...or go to some athiest chat room..prick

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