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    <img ="align-full" width="720" src=""/>STRANGE MUSIC FAN PIC

    This table is so kick ass! strange music added it to their fan pics on Tuesday Sept 13th. it has already gotten 493 like and 104 comments. so of course everyone wants one. But turns out the guy who made it can't make them cuz the Copyright infringement. I personal think that strange music inc. should really think about making this guy a vendor for them on this table. If they wont let him make it and sell it threw his company, they should sell it on their web-site. please everyone if we let strange music know how we feel i really think things can get done. i mean Tech has the biggest strongest fan base. we all love and want to see the best for tech. and having stuff with the logo on it makes people ask about what that is. so please technicians lets all get to get together like family and hopefully we can see this table on the store under new merch!

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    WOOOOOOOOOOOOO tlk about effin BADASS that will deff sell i would probably buy like 3-4 alone how can we repost this!!!!!!!!!

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    i don't think you can repost it on here. but you can share it on your facebook. and get all your friends to click the link and then have them replay to this discussion

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    sounds like a fuckin plan

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    thats badass

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    I cannot express my appreciation for this. I would LOVE to be able to either build and sell these or build them and sell them for strange music as a vendor. My dream has always been to work with Strange! So.... hopefully something can get worked out. Without permission, I WILL NOT sell tables with the Strange Music emblem or anything relating to Strange Music, but I would still make tables, designs, paint and all. Plus, i make a bad ass table so the sky is the limit! I just hope that I can eventually sell these!

    Thank you all SO much for the support and keep the comments coming!

    Also thank you to Ruby, who is of course a die hard technician, and supports me!

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    this is soooooo fuckin sick... trav better invest in this ill buy one

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    that would be sick man. and I am making tables, i just cant sell with the emblem on them.

    Quote Originally Posted by 66888swift46993
    this is soooooo fuckin sick... trav better invest in this ill buy one

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    I got that covered. Layin down 3 coats of polycrylic. It's a waterproofing agent/sealer. I thought of using plexiglass but it was to expensive.

    Quote Originally Posted by twizzy1

    my thing with the table is. you should put glass or something over the top.

    to protect the sm stickers.

    if i had that table thats what i would do at least

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