It seems that rumors are starting to buzz & fly over the possible signing of C-LIM.

X-raided of the record label: "Bloccstar" Entertainment has shown interest in C-lim andhis talent as an artist making him an offer to sign to his label!

Does this possibly mean C-LIM may be signing a contract soon?

Not only has X-raided shown interest in C-lim, many people and fans alike believethat C-lim is already signed to: Brotha Lynch Hung's Label: "Madesicc Muzicc"However the in actual reality C-lim owns his own label: "C-Walk Music".

C-lim also has strong ties with the artist: "Baby Bash" and has recorded a recordwith Bash and has been seen out in the public eye with bash at shows andevents. Some even think that C-lim may sign a deal with Baby Bash.

A bidding war may start soon, many fans of Strange Music who have been followingC-lim over the past few years want to see C-lim signed to Tech N9ne's label:"Strange Music". C-lim has even made mention of wanting to be a Strange Musicartist. With much eagerness to be independent and grow his own label with everyquestion answered only raises another question.

With C-lim dropping new mixtapes, new verses, & collabos with artists, almostevery month it just proves to show that C-lim shows no signs of slowing down.C-lim being a fan/friend of x-raided not to mention inspiring his own careerraises many questions. Even X-raided inspired other artists such as: SnoopDogg, Brotha Lynch Hung, C-BO, and many more. Only time will tell with whatultimately C-lim may do. However the future only seems to get brighter for thisaspiring MC's career.

What other artists/labels may have their eye on C-lim & ultimately which labeldo you think he would sign with?

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