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Thread: Tech N9ne in Denver....

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    Tech N9ne in Denver....

    So when you go to buy the tickets for the show at the Summit Music Hall (the night before the Fillmore show) it will only let you buy a two day ticket for both shows. It's call the Lost In the Dark Experiment and says it's a two day event. Any info on this???

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    That's weird.. have you checked walmart

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    it says that for the fillmore show too

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    Yea but you can buy a one day ticket for the fillmore and not the Summit

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    "Summit show is only available with the Fillmore package as of now." That's the reply I just got from people at the Summit

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    Is it the same show just two nights or how does that work?

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    im interested to see what this ends up being

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    Thats Not cool

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    oh yeah and how much is that going to cost

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    The package deal for the tickets is $76 after fees. I thought it was the same show but with it having a different name from the tour and them ONLY selling package deals for one of the venues it makes me think it's two different sets.

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