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Thread: Five Finger Death Punch & Tech covering "Mama Said Knock You Out" (LL Cool J)?!

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    Five Finger Death Punch & Tech covering "Mama Said Knock You Out" (LL Cool J)?!

    Tobbe: What about the other guests, like Max Cavalera, Maria Brink, etc?Zoltán: [...] And then the last one was Tech N9ne and today it's not okay to collaborate with anybody in hiphop. 10-15 years ago that was the norm and then we wouldn't have done it. Now, when it's not okay, when it's taboo, I wanna do it. That's the point, when you rebel, when you give that middle finger, because today this is a sacrilege. You don't touch hiphop, but fuck that, we're gonna and we did it. We had an idea to cover Mama Said Knock You Out. We thought it was the irony of Five Finger Death Punch, when people said Mama Said Knock You Out, it just kinda went hand in hand. LL Cool J was always somebody who was cool. Even metalheads are okay with him. Everybody's heard that song and everybody knows that one and people are down with him. He's cool, he's okay, right. He's an artist that everybody accepts. Then we made the song heavy and when Tech N9ne came it, we thought "Oh yeah, this is happening. Fuck it, Let's put it on the record".

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    This makes me even more excited for the new FFDP album!

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    Wow definitely would have never seen that one coming

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    Dwamn? Thats dope, I hope it turns out killer. Im a huge ffdp fan, but that last single with dude rapping kinda was enngh. Nonetheless fucking awesome!

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    This. come out of nowhere. but i'm looking forward to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by ???
    Wow definitely would have never seen that one coming

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    Ffdp is probably my favorite band, been down since their first album. Im fucking pumped for this, I really hope it happens.

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    yes.. im definately stoke.. huge fan of FFDP... cant wait to hear this shit

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    Good find, man.

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    Well then. The first of the "double album" has been pushed back. It's now releasing on July 30th. Interesting turn of events.

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