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Thread: SO yeah no tricks here

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    SO yeah no tricks here

    SO i been seeing alot of artists use dumb fukin cheap ass promotion for their music. I think my shit is dope, check it if you want aight! Thanx guys!

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    Ugh that fukin Izzy dude is fukin shit up for ppl like me who make good shit yo ughhhhh i guess ima keep bumpin this till someone checks it out :/

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    It was dope. I like your , and I liked how you switched up your flow.

    Not much else to say.

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    Thanx man i appreciate that! Jus tryin to see what yall think, yall are my extended fam, you know? lol

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    yea pretty good, nice flow

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    lyrics are weak at best

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    thanx yall and dang evan you think so? its definitly not close to my strongest but wow i didnt think they were THAT weak lol

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    I haven't listened to it, but what are some examples of WHY you think it's weak? Pick out a few lines, and explain why you feel those are good examples of what you formed your opinion on. Give the guy some constructive criticism?

    Quote Originally Posted by Evan Kettler
    lyrics are weak at best

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    foreal lol i would really like some I mean, i think i go hard on the track! Haha.. prove me wrong? Do you agree? somethin! lol

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