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    thank u Tech

    today is the three year anniversery of the day i lost my angel her name was tracy but i just called her mom she was a single mother of two she was the the strongest women i ever met and she was my hero my sister and i were her only blood children but between my friends that had came from broken homes and the many foster kids she helped when she was a case worker she had a huge family like tech said she would take u in even if u was a viscious sinner this day is always pretty rough for me but today as i was starting to break down mamma em started to play on my ipod it was like my mom new i needed her it was a little STRANGE i will say but it quickly made my tears stop and put a smile on my face my mother and i had a deep relationship when it came to music she would always buy me tech concert tickets for my birthday we would blast the radio every saturday while we cleaned house or just when we were hangin around she mostly listened to rock but shed never stop me from putting on some Tech here favorite was pshyco bitch and imma tell thinkn bout it right now makes me laugh she taught me that music could do powerfull things and that is one of the most important lessons i ever learned i dont really know what kinda person i would have been if it wasnt for her passion of music that she passed along to me im not sure if you r even gonna read this Tech but i wanted to say thank u i always say i love your music cause i can relate to it more then any other artist and today that was what i truly needed so again from your #1 fan and the biggest Techn9cian this side of the universe lol THANK YOU TECH N9NE!!!!

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