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Thread: Tech n9ne song with best flow?

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    Tech n9ne song with best flow?

    What's tech's song wit best flow??

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    I have to give it to Worst Enemy or Killin it

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    Too many to count lol

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    very true

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    hahahhahaahah, nah... idk, there's too many to choose. my top five would probably be "message to a black man", "this is me", "come gangsta", "party and bullshit", and "in the air".

    i'm not gonna lie, let's throw in "WWC" and "he's a mental giant" too... those shit's are tooo crazy lol, and probably two of his hardest singles... real talk

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    IMO "Now it's on","Killing you" "Alucard"

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    Mental Giant - amazing wordplay and multies

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    WWC or Hes A Mental Giant

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    Industry Is Punks, Breathe, Killin It, Come Gangsta, Big Bad Wolf, Welcome To The Midwest, Alucard, This Ring, Einstein, Welcome To My World, Now Its On, Tormented, Killer, Be Warned, Terror, Potluck ft. Tech N9ne- What We Are, etc.

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