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Thread: Questions about Featured Tech n9ne songs

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    Questions about Featured Tech n9ne songs

    Ive listened to every album from old to new with tech a n9nna. I recently came across some songs that are sweet because they are his old shit just featured with tech. Ive heard sometimes, run away, soul searching, turn...all those un re-leased songs before. BUT i had never actually listened to some of his features because most of the artists suck and of course tech rips it up. 'So heavy' tech raps about getting hit by the bow and missing the show after talking about selling ex or something((kind of irreverent). Im wondering if tech has ever been shot, or been shot at? In that song he talks about how security let him go and "now gods gonna get'um Alah gonna rid him now" This song is absolutely insane, and if you are a techn9ne fan and havnt heard that... listen and enjoy. Also songs like "pressure" ft tech n9ne, and Who got my keys ft tech n9ne. Jump around tha room ft tech n9ne. These are all un real songs, but the most interesting one right now is the song heavy ft tech. Hope some one can enlighten me on what is going on in the song!? Also shouts out about scare crow and there beef?? in some featured song. Cant figure that one out either, tech n9ne talks about mitch bade and stuff.

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    no tech has never been shot. shot at or maybe around a shooting? possible he did sleep on big scoobs couch with an ak 47 back when they was slinging pieces. and i'm sure he was talking like some dude was all wasted an caught tech with elbo and than got all buck sayin he was gonna get his pistol an shit and the security did do shit so now it's in gods hands to take that demon out.

    the whole scare krow thing is like this, before the gang biz, tech performed with rapper named scare krow and others, well i'm sure you've heard of aginy right, techs first baby's momma, well that use to be scare krow's girl and tech ended up gettin with her, thus lil dontez was born, scare krow didn't take to kindly to that. lol same thing happened later with mr juan. lol think about all that and then listen to worst enemy. i love that song.

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    haha indeed worst enemy is insane. Thanks for the insight. i Jus figured that he wouldnt freak out and make a song if someone just elbowed tech at a show. and he talks about missing the show because of it. So i figured he was just being normal tech n9ne and using different words for different things. like a bow for a gun. But ya idk. Talks about a shooting in Red necro but what ever, either way Heavy remix is an insane verse from ninna.

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