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Thread: who is flawless

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    who is flawless

    any one post somethang

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    wut u think will he fit in with the strange fam @ the shows

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    he fits in just fine, saw him at the santa clara show, he killed it

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    Flawless is pretty badass man, he goes hard on the opening. He's really loud tho lol. But if you go see the show make sure you cop his mix tapes he is giving out cuz I listened to them and they are pretty straight. Dudes from ATL, that's where I saw him at the T9 show.

    Quote Originally Posted by OG_ROB_C
    wut u think will he fit in with the strange fam @ the shows

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    that mf rips shit up makes the roof come off this bitch in spokane wa

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    yeah flawless can spit hard

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    Flawless is from Rhode Island. He's a fucking beast.

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