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    SOUNDSET 2013

    off the hook...i was VIP.. Tech was there with Kali taking time to talk to was dope..other artists cancelled for unknown reasons, you know...things happen and shit...but SM was there! TORE it up on stage...concert was off the dope as hell to see them again this year in Minnesota...Im a Missouri boy, but gotta hand it to MN...they put it down at Soundset!

  2. #2 my VIP tickets ordered already for Summer of Strange tour July 5th in the Twin Cities!!

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    Sadly it was my girlfriends birthday and I couldn't get out of it. I was at the tech concert last year on her birthday, got drunk, started fighting, and was escorted out. This year I had to stay and make it up to her with Benihanas. I'm glad they let Prof get up and do his thing tho.

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    yea..Busta didn't show up for whatever reason and Prof was asked to fill in...and did he ever..TORE it up...most energy from any of the entertainers there imo aside from Tech and Krizz...he dropped it hard.

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    Hell yeah dude, I was there VIP as well. Got to meet Tech and Slug. They cut the VIP meet and greet line off right before I was about to get to meet Tech, and he pretty much saw me and my friends were bummed the fuck out, and he was telling us he was sorry, but they were pretty much making him leave, because they had to get Slug up there to start meeting VIP people as well. But while he was still standing there, we asked him if we could jump in real quick to get a picture, and he was cool with it, so I finally got to meet the man himself. I was at a loss of words to be honest. Except for while I was talking during the goddamn picture, lol. But I really appreciated the fact that he let us jump outta line quick to meet him before he took off. Then we proceeded to jump back into the front of the meet n greet line, and were the first ones to meet Sluggo, hahahaha. It was one hell of a time, everybody..and I mean everybody absolutely killed it. Can't wait for next year.

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