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Thread: Collaborative album...

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    Collaborative album...

    What artist outside of Strange would you like to see Tech do a WHOLE album with? I personally think E-40 would be ill as fuck with Tech that way... Opinions?

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    nah not e40, busta rhymes would be sick

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    Busta rhymes goes hard.... But only on guest appearances IMO. I downloaded his last 2 mixtapes and I hate them both.. E-40's flow is sick as fuck! Plus his hustle is similar to Techs. He puts new shit out constantly. It'd be a perfect mixture of the Midwest-West Coast connection. And it would sell hella copies.

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    Busta or Yella. Im not a big fan of E-40, yeah his flow is sick but his music gets played our real quick on my rotation.

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    Yelawolf would be my next choice bro! Was about ta put that shit. Great minds think alike dude..

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    PLUS E-40's hustle is really similar Tech's. He is always makin music and it's sick as fuck! THAT SHIT BANG! THAT SHIT THROB! A Kaliko and 40 album would be pretty nice too. That is JMO tho..

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    EMINEM would be the sickest MC's for Tech to do an album with, but I doubt that would ever happen.

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    Its lonely as fuck in here....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rance D. Jordan
    EMINEM would be the sickest MC for Tech to do an album with, but I doubt that would ever happen.

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    Yelawolf, Crooked I, Bun B (?)...that's all I can think of.

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