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Thread: Thoughts for producers for Tech's next solo album

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    Thoughts for producers for Tech's next solo album

    I feel since tech had a good amount of notable guest appearances on his album, i think his next solo album tech should really reach out to notable producers..... a few i wish tech would attempt to reach out to is Mike Shinoda (i know he'll come up with something amazing), DJ Premier (to satisfy hip hop heads) maybe DJ Khalil, Bangladesh (to get him on a really monster track) Find a dubstep artist for an actual dubstep track, Rick Rubin (get a lil kabosh going on), & sure why not reach out to Kanye West (fuck the haters) idk who else comes to mind but share your thoughts bitches....

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    I would love to hear Tech on a 9th Wonder beat, its not his at all but he could kill it. Premier with out a doubt, Pete Rock would be dope, possibly Ant, not a fan of dubstep but Bassnectar. I could see Tech shittin on a Aesop Rock beat. Eligh from the Living Legends. I could go on an on...

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    I could see Tech killin a Premo beat even though its much different than the he usually goes with. I wanna hear Tech on a Mr Porter beat too (Maybe that could be for the eventual Em/Tech collab). There are lots of big name producers that it would be cool to see tech use but Im sure just like with all 6s and 7s if he has the opportunity hell spend the money on big artists features instead of expensive producers but thats just my feeling

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    Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind is a must


    get Rebeck back somehow lmao

    whichever member/s of CunninLynguists that produces


    Ill Bill


    Blue Sky Black Death

    Red Skull



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    Drama beats, will power, nardo demolish beatz.

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    Dj drama 4 sure:.............andSE7ven summers!!!!! The greatest

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    Mike Shinoda >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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