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Thread: Rant: FML: Mitch Bade

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    Rant: FML: Mitch Bade

    So my fiance' ex just got outta jail, decided to come fuck with my car. Keyed/ Broke off side mirrors/ and stole the antennae for whatever reason. Cops dont care about things like this, even though he's admitting to it. Really wanna just wanna swing by his house but this is kinda the most important semester of my school (determines if I go to grad school or not) so dont wanna fuck up the last many years of college. Just ranting cuz I haven't decided how Im playing this out yet... I put Mitch Bade cuz thats been his name in my phone for the past few years, lyrics pretty much describe him

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    Psycho ex con rooster???

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    That sucks man. Same shit happened to me last year, dude keyed my brand new dodge charger & slashed the tires. Cops didnt do shit

    Its amazing what a lil jealousy can do.

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