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Thread: Tech dissing Wayne?

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    Tech dissing Wayne?

    Just wondering, but in "Yada Yada Yada" when Tech says, "watch the weezy, he's lots of talk for sheezy" is he talking about lil wayne or what?

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    Questionable, sure but rap versus aint meant to be taken literally, otherwise BLH would have been literally executed years ago. Just like the" wall of death", no one normally gets killed or fucked up when told ordered to (ie. Exodus, Slayer concerts,etc)

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    no im pretty sure hes talkin about someone else.. probably don juans nickname or something

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    defintly not wayne.

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    Not at all, not even close.

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    LOL thats years on years ago.......when none of them niggas fucked with tech so maybe!!!!......ask the main source!

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    Kill yourself..

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    thought the same thing when carter3 came out and i lived in nyc i havent thought about that since tech n him did shit together tho maybe wayne shit is just lots of talk and korney ASS autotune laughing

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    lol techs twitter lol

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    So much fail...

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