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Thread: Jay Rock Vs Kendrick Lamar

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    Jay Rock Vs Kendrick Lamar

    So I was just listening to Jay Rocks follow me home and just yesterday by coincidence I was bumpin Section #80 and I was wonderin who most people are feelin more. I personally love both and wont really compare the two cause they got way different s despite bein from the same camp. I do feel (like many others seem to as well) That Section #80 is in contention for album of the year a top 5 spot for sure. What are your thoughts....

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    its stupid to compare the two.. cause they're nothing alike, yet they do mash really well together, black hippy is that shit.

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    i cant complare they way too different dog sorry

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    I'm feeling kendrick's flow more than jay rock's, but they are both sick

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    Jay Rock's voice/flow > Kendrick Lamar's

    Kendrick Lamar's lyrics/concepts > Jay Rock's

    Ab-Soul >>> both overall

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    Like I said in the original post I love them both (bein from Cali I feel the west coast comin back ridin on their shoulders and they have not let me down so far) and I know their s are so different its hard to compare but I was just wonderin how many people had a clear cut favorite between the two. They are two of my favorite artists comin on the scene rights now and I was just wonderin what others thoughts on them are.

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    there both amazing artists too hard to pick

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    there both the shit i cant pick there both diffrent!!Putting it dwn for da West COAST

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    i like em both, and they are way different. but i like Kendrick more

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    Yeah I remember posting something like this a while back I belive saying I liked Jay Rock more and thought he was better. Well, I actually started LISTENING and now have a different opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    i like em both, and they are way different. but i like Kendrick more

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