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Thread: Come Gangsta vs. This Ring

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    Come Gangsta vs. This Ring

    I feel that these two songs are Tech's absolute best, period. They both have great meaning, they both showcase all of Tech's talents as an artist to their fullest. Everything that makes Tech great are in these songs. However I have yet to decide which song is better. I seem to always go back and forth between the two. I'd like to see how you guys feel. If you think another one of his songs is better, please state why and also include the name of the song.

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    Ide say this ring by a mile, not sayin I dont like come gangsta but I dont really consider it on of his all time best. This Ring on the other hand is in the top 3-5 Tech songs ever made for sure in my book...but thats just my opinion

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    I really like both..but ima have to go with Come Gangsta...

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    Pretty close call though.

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    I'ma say This Ring, which is funny cuz for some reason the first few times I heard This Ring I didn't really feel it but once it grew on me it became an all-time favorite, 'n just like Justin said I wouldnt put Come Gangsta up in the top of my top. Maybe Top 10, but no higher, with that said, This Ring, Questions, One Good Time, Show Me A God and Red Nose are a safe top 5 for me, in no particular order, Come Gangsta probz wouldn't be seen 'til after several songs down the line

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    This Ring.

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    Come Gangsta by light years.

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    As an overall song I'd definitely have to go with This Ring. Every single bar of that song is incredible down to the chorus. Come Gangsta is just as good of a song when it comes to showing how Tech is head and shoulders above every other rapper, but This Ring, lyrically, is just a superior song. So if anyone were to ask what Tech's best song is I'd have to say This Ring, but Alucard is definitely gonna be my favorite because even though lyrically it isn't as good as This Ring, Alucard's got the perfect combination of an amazing beat and a perfect flow from Tech (lyrics are pretty damn good for Alucard too).

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