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Thread: Jay Rock, !Mayday!, Stevie Stone...will they last?

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    Jay Rock, !Mayday!, Stevie Stone...will they last?

    Who thinks Jay Rock and Stevie stone, who everyone knows are the newest additions to Strange, will last. And for how long? I hope they do. We all know how Strange Music seems to lose so many artists, and after 1 album. Prozak? He was supposed to release another album back in 09, even had a release frame, but then just vanished. Grave Plott? 1 Album. Liquid Assassin? Same. Critical Bill? Same. Cognito? Seems to have dissapeared, too now. Even Skatterman and Snug Brim left a couple years ago, because they weren't getting enough attention or something. Are all these artists just not selling or something? Let's just hope these new artists don't suffer the same fate...

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    Prozak is still strange ask him on twitter

    and critical bill didnt release an album

    but i think if anybody were to leave it would be Jay Rock.dude has his own think goin with TDE so who knows how long he be part strange

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    I'm not sure how long Mayday will last, just because I can't see them appealing to a large audience and getting a lot of sales.

    The other two, I think will stay as long as they want, Jay Rock is already getting his fame and his sales are sure to go up through the next couple albums. Stevie doesn't have much of a buzz at the moment, but he seems easily marketable, he goes hard.

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    My bad, I thought Critical Bill's "Downtown The World" was through strange music because Tech, Kaliko and Kutt were in a few songs and SM was promoting it before it came out. Just wish Prozak would just release "The Hitchcock Of Hiphop" already. I loved "Tales From The Sick". I'd think Jay Rock, too. Plus he just doesn't really fit with Strange all that much.

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    jay rock putting it dwn for the new west hes about to pop dwn here in cali everyone knows him may day is dope so is stevie so .....stop haaaa

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    Grave plott would b nothin without LA, it was a terrible signing, LA never released an album on strange and didnt have a solo deal with strange, honestly i think that unless its a tech release strange kinda slacks on the promo. Yes they do do alot of promo for all the artists but tech gets at least twice as much promo, i dont think theres anything to worry about

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    Grave Plot was never officially signed they only had a distro deal

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    Stevie Stone is the shit, he killed on A6A7 tour in AZ... motherfucker is bout ta bubble.

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    I'm not so sure about Mayday either. They might be good, but I think they would have fit more with Subnoize Records or something. But we'll see.

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    I always thought Jay Rock would leave Strange first. Any rapper can push 5,000 copies. He would fit better on another label. I think Stevie Stone will do pretty good on the label and stay for a while. And I think Mayday will also do good but will eventually sign to a mainstream label.

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