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    hello tech ... my name is jered woody or "abaddon" ive related to your music for years ... i just recently lost a child to heart defect and soon after was cheated on by his mom and she left me ..... i didnt know what to do ..who to turn to ..who to cry too...i tried listening to your music and it made me go hebrew hott tea FUCK A BITCH IN THE SHOWER OF ACID SICK ... i couldnt stop thinking about all my life and your song the warning ... i was made funn of ... " called the weirdo:" knowing i was different i suppressed this anger and post mordum fuck shit .. i became deeply into drugs and "painkillers".. i started selling methadrone or "bath salts " just to get back at the world ... undestinctivly knowing it was popluation control ..i found my place. were both illuminaty prospect .."abaddon" means demon of destruction ... I destroyed my whole city in 6 months with a salt substance ... and made a great amount of money from it ... im clean now because i saw what i could do .... and the healthier i am the stronger i become ... i have a general form of esp and can read thoughts . im percieved as a vampire and i need someone to relate to .. i wanted to tell you my story not formalizing my allaince to you but relateing and tell you your not alone out there ... although i doubt you needed this useless information ... keep touring and getting that cash .. from one demon to another .... Abaddon

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    ^This.. wtf is this guy talking about? creep yo. Sorry about ur kid but come on rly? Basically claiming insanity helps nothing.

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    no comment

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