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Thread: Good bass & amazing lyrics

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    Good bass & amazing lyrics

    Driving and listening to Tech makes me so happy no matter how much the world sucks that day...I got a system put in my car just to listen to Tech and I realized the trauma/demons song has an amazing bass line , not as good as "Killing you", but quite good, also I just figured out that when he says Gynacock hes referring to a gun! I believe the Seepage song does not get enough credit too.. So fellow Technicians whats your favroite Tech song that you think has been forgotten?

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    Senior Member Gareth's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Girl Crazy, i love the bassline in that song

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    Senior Member MacThunder's Avatar
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    Monster from the Vintage Tech compilation release.

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    Senior Member DougMartin's Avatar
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    One Good Time and Happy Ending both off of killer. Those are my favorite Tech songs over all

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    Agree....the drive to/from work is always better with Tech playing, and every time for different reasons depending on the mood. Bassline in Alucard has an amazing drop effect in it that is just insane, if I want a good back massage I'll turn on Industry is Punks, all of 6s and 7s has a nice a good balance of bass to treble WWC, am i a psycho, mental giant, and am i psycho kick ass, red nose has a nice high frequency bass halfway through the verses, the huge first bass hit in t9x, even stamina is awesome. Even Tech's featured songs, Dark Places with Ceza, and Rock N Rollin by MIMS.....

    If i want to listen to lyrical shit, all the accapellas from Bad Season, and the rest of the Tech catalog.

    BUT, Kali has better bass in his songs, at the meet and greet I even asked him "Do you purposfully add more bass into every song?" to which he said "yeah I do it on purpose, if i really like the track I'll ask the producer to send it back to me with more bass or I'll try and do it in the studio"

    Kutt's Buy the Bar is fucking insane....along with the rest of his shit.

    Strange just has a good way of not making their bass overpower their songs, unlike most others where its either all bass and you can't make out what they are trying to convey in their songs.

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    Gynacock refers to the puss or so I thought

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    Breathe...T9X...the first Midwest Choppers

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    Red Nose

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    Now it's On, Be Warned, I Want You For Myself

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