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Thread: Absolute Power Sold Out?

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    Absolute Power Sold Out?

    I realise the big sale is going on but I couldnt find Absolute Power on the strange music store. I dont think theyd actually sell out of a CD...or am I missing something?

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    I got an email from them saying I got refunded for one of my purchases, but it wouldn't tell me which purchase it was for. All it said was refunded $8 something. Sounds about right for a CD and yes, I did buy Absolute Power.

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    All I got refunded was for the lanyard I bought for $2.50. So yes if the cd isn't there then it is sold out

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    yeah, i was looking forward to having a hard copy of Absolute Power, it was in my cart, then it said i had to remove it.

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    Does it still come with the DVD?

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