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Thread: I Hope You Read The Tecca N9na

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    I Hope You Read The Tecca N9na

    Dear Tech N9ne,

    My Name Is Larry Pizer, and I've Been Listening To your music since Absolut Power came out. To be precise, two weeks after the album dropped. See, me and my chick broke up at that time and i had a friend who was a fellow juggalo, and he gave me a place to crash. I was completel mentally destroyed. i had been with her for almost eight years, and we split up in the time frame of two hrs. there was absolutely no warning. on top of that myclosest family member, my uncle John died at the wheel of his car of a massive heart attack. it seemed like my life was becoming engulfed with pain and torment. then jerry put your cd and turned on Suicide Letters and it felt like someone had slapped me in the face with common sense. Jerry told me you only rap about real shit thats happened to you. so for lack of a better way to explain it i felt like all the problems i had couldnt be as bad as i thought them to be cause other people were going through worse shit than me. I know this isnt a Q but i had to write this, and i fuckin hope and pray that you read this. Your music has helped me countless times since then. From preventing suicide to helping me overcome addictions, you have my upmost respect. Thank you tech n9ne. Much Love

    Larry Pizer

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    pics of ex ?

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