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Thread: New Life

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    New Life

    I done said
    I must lay in this bed
    That I have made
    Starting Today
    I'm Done
    With Love
    Of This Life
    I am done With Trying To Secure A Wife
    I am done with Trying to get stabbed with their knife
    I am done with getting the poisonous Bite....

    Venomous Bite...
    Not Too Light
    Not Even Dark
    Once Was controlled by my heart
    Now It Is Gone For This Earth
    You Want Purposes
    How Bout My Condolences?
    To That Life
    That Used To Be Mine...
    This Is Loss
    The Third To 4th cross into that plain
    Having Only One Thing To Gain
    Eternal Life
    But At What Cost?
    What Have I Lost?
    2 of my aunts
    2 of my grandpa's
    My Cousin Chris
    My Brother And Sister(Self- Proclaimed)
    All For Drugs?
    Getting High, Now All I can do is give my Sister(Blood) a hug
    Then Shrug at the sight of your mean mug?
    I Am Done With You, This Life Under the knife, I am done with that xxx,
    I Am In A State Of Loss
    Of Sin
    Of Gin
    Of Ten
    Of Nine
    Am I Lying?

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    I just thought I should share my thoughts

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