I like a good grip I like big tits,

I like anal up front and a girl on my dick,

They want it hard so I gotta give it to 'em,

They want a scar so I make bitchism,

Whats bitchism its when a girl fucks another,

Untill they get there pussy tight and cum on the rubber,

I flow so hard I can skeet skeet on your mother,

I bang drums strum guitars like fuckin in the gutters,

I always bring rat poision for protection,

I dont bring condoms cause they dont teach lessons,

I make a bitch learn sickology fast,

Put some nina on and start whoopin her ass,

I like it cause it luscious and fat,

Last night I nearly had a heart attack,

My big dick got a stroke that can never come back,

Next in line.