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Thread: What artist lead you to Tech N9ne

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    What artist lead you to Tech N9ne

    Honestly I gotta say Eminem lead me to Tech. Ive been listening to Eminem since MMLP, and that song Marshall Mathers that was dissing ICP made me look up what they were about, and there music sounded strange/odd metophorically so I looked up on google other artist that had strange music and the label Strange Music poped up lol, so I been a fan of Tech ever since.

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    Tech lead me to Tech....Heard him from a friend...the rest was history...

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    Kottonmouth Kings led me to Tech. I was chillin with my cousin at Christmas a few years back and he was telling me about this new (At the time) song called City 2 City by Kottonmouth Kings. I got home and looked it up on youtube and absolutely loved it, especially Tech N9ne. Then I decided I was going to start listening to him, so I purchased Absolute Power off of Ebay, and that's still one of my favorite Tech CDs to this day. Slacker was my favorite song forever.

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    I guess technically Shop Boyz lead me to Tech. I was listening to the party like a rockstar remix 'n on the side the mix with Tech's verse from "What We Are" was a suggested video. I checked it out 'n then yeahh, started checking out his shit.

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    It wasn't an artist that lead me to him, it was Madden 06. When I heard "the beast" I only had that song playing on the menu. I thought Tech was a group lol

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    Was listening to the "Gang Related" soundtrack to hear 2Pac & came across Techs "Questions" song, been a fan since.

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    Had to be summer of like 2000, my group of friends at the time used to always end up at America's Pub to finish off the night. The DJ would always close the club out with "Planet Rock 2K" (Calm Before the Storm version) Been rockin' with him since the jump...

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    Bone thugs n harmony was a huge fan of them at time. I kind of heard of tech n9ne at the time didn't know who he really was. I listened to midwest choppers 2 and I didn't know it was a tech n9ne song at first. Now well bone thugs suck because they're not making music, last album uni5 was awful so now strange all day.

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    Same here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blizzum
    Tech lead me to Tech....Heard him from a friend...the rest was history...

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    VIA YOU TUBE.........I was looking at extreme custom car audio to see just how insane with bass it gets....then I saw some bass boosted songs including Demons...... after seeing Tech n9ne 2008 K.O.D. FINALE......Whoooooooooshka....!!!!!!

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