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Thread: Official amazon Carter 4 tracklist

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    Official amazon Carter 4 tracklist

    For anyone that cares, I've seen a few fake ones on here but here's the official tracklist Amazon put out

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    haha riiiiiiiiiiiight like anything lil wayne would be on there, talk about an oxymoron.

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    what i thought that cover ended up being a fake?

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    smfh fucking troll

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    Ehhh, we'll see when the snippets come out in a few days.

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    It's not right. Tech said in an interview himself that the song they did was called "Play My Game."

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    why would tech be on an intolude ?

    Quote Originally Posted by hawkeyeguy

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    I don't see amazon trolling bro

    and even if tech is on the interlude, that desn't mean its not gonna to be a dope track.

    Like 15. Outro - Lil Wayne, Bun B, Nas, Shyne, Busta Rhymes

    ...highly doubt that's just gonna be all those dudes doing a traditional fuck around outro.. as I doubt tech would just be bs'in with wayne on the interlude

    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon, The Destroyer
    smfh fucking troll

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    guys tho the track "play my game" would look a lottt cooler. Wayne's Intro/Interludes and Outros are ALWAYS tracks. like actual songs sometimes jus a little shorter. It's prolly more fitting for Tech anyway. but anyway on the Carter 2 I remember they had Fly In/Carter 2/ and Fly Out. all 3 were the best tracks on there.

    wouldnt get dissapointed. yet

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