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    wtf man

    I was reecently at Tech's show in the atl when I overheard this. ....."all 6's and 7's is what put tech on the map", at wich point I asked what fucking map had they been looking at all these years? I mean seriously, wtf man. What rock have these god damned stooges been living under? I could see if it was some mainstream bullshit show, to see such ignorance just makes me want to bust a grill or two. Underground shows should be the purest fan base out there and now we have fake asses sneaking in the back door. We need toenlighten those who don't know what's going on and take back what's rightfully ours

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    Shut the fuck up and deal with it! This is the album that brought tech to many peoples attention and more people are listening now hes bigger than ever, thats what they mean by it him on the map, so stop bitchin and deal with it

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