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Thread: Question about Caribou Lou the drink

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    Question about Caribou Lou the drink

    so 151 barcardi rum is illegal in my country,(norway only allow up to 70% alcohol) fucking annoying.. but can you use another type of rum instead?

    serious answer appreciated, thanks!

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    Ya I mean if you use some other kind of rum I guess it will be similar but if it doesnt have 151 then its just not the same. Im sure you could try makin a KC tea though, you guys got hennessy? or some sorta fine Congac....Im sure you got sprite and lemons

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    Dam that sucks lol if its not 151 then it ain't caribu lou man...

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    yeah we got hennesy, so i can make kc tea. true about 151 though, im headed over to the states next year, maybe i'll smuggle in a bottle, lol

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    Just shoot for a lower proof dark rum. I think that Tortuga is the name of a 140 proof rum. That's as strong as you could get.

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