I had some friends to interview me on this book. I thought it would be fun, so here we go. Michael is my friends name that interviewed, so props to Michael.

Michael: So, You told me that you're writing a book. Wich is great, but what's the idea of it or the plot.

Brandon: Well there's not a whole plot, but it's going to be alot of poetry with a story line aside from it.

Michael: Ok. Well what's the story lines plot?

Brandon: The story lines plot is based on how negative dreams can effect your reality, and the poetry describes the story line from it like if its a dream or if its more realistic.

Michael: That sounds like a nice plot pretty interesting and never has been done before. Are there going to be any hard copies of the book?

Brandon: Yeah when I get the money for it, but for now it's just going to be a digital release.

Michael: I see. Is writing books going to be a hobby for you from now on?

Brandon: Hopefully. I'm not trying to make it too much of a hobby, since it's really hard work and it's hard to focus on. Im hoping I can get to working on writing a book about this rapper named Tech N9ne, He's extremely dope. I think it would be interesting for me to do something like that. Just like write a biography on him or something.

Michael: There's actually alot of people who do that. Write biographys about there favorite artist or hero. Another question for you is that if there's an offical release date on the book?

Brandon: Um, not yet no, but Im planning to release it early next year at the latest. It takes alot of time to put effort into books, so I have no idea yet.

Michael: Were can mainly you get the book when its released?

Brandon: You can check out my facebook page or go on to www.TheRealTechN9ne.com for the offical release. Im giving a free download to all Technicians.

Michael: One more thing before the interview's over. How many chapters and pages are going to be on the book?

Brandon: Im not sure about the pages, but they are going to be 37 chapters.

Michael: So, is there anything else you can tell us before we leave?

Brandon: Well my plan for the book is that alot of people read it Im also hoping that some big instructor reads it as well, because Im really wanting to turn this book into a movie. The Tech N9ne book Ill start working on around late next year.

Michael: Nice doing this interview cant wait for the book.

Brandon: Yeah hold on be sure to look out for the release date, and the offical release. Your dont want to miss it. Thank you to siikez for helping me out on the artwork thats soon to be released.