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Thread: Reason #17 why Tech's got it better than most of today's mainstream rapper

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    Reason #17 why Tech's got it better than most of today's mainstream rapper

    Besides the fact Tech N9ne is one of the most intricate spitters ever to touch the mic.. His beats are nothing to fuck with, in my opinion from Tech there some of the greatest beats i have ever heard that i rarely hear from others. And i'm gonna say Michael 'Seven' Summers is something else when he goes to work on beats.

    What are your favorite beats Tech has rapped on?

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    My World, Trapped in a psychos body, Low, Leave Me Alone, Riot maker i could go on FOREVER but ill just leave it at those

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    I Can Feel It, Delusional, Worldwide Choppers, Come Gangsta, Psycho Bitch II, If I Could, K.O.D

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    you dont want it, midwest choppers, this ring, slither, trauma, grench, riot maker.

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    come gangsta, Low, last sad song, WWC, Delusional......

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    too many to think of right now..but i really like "pain killer"...its amazing..

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    Too Many Girls, T9X, Delusional, Come Gangsta, Overtime, Far Away, My World, MWC, MWC II, WWC, Am I a Psycho, Absolute Power, This Ring, Breathe, Be Warned, Killing You, Red Nose, Rock N Roll Nigga

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    Leave Me Alone <3

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    i havent seen one answer i dont agree with haha

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    In the Air! DUH! Best beat ever.

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