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Thread: Has anyone else had a dream like this?

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    Has anyone else had a dream like this?

    I just woke up at like 5:54 in the morning because I had a dream that made me wake up, I had a dream that Me and a few other's were in total darkness not so dark that you can't see but dark enough for evil to be able to come, It was just getting darker and christ was coming and we all knew but he wouldn't until we set his path(I have no clue what that means,but in my dream I did) anyway's, the darkness fell after we went from our house to a school and how we figured out this was going on was because in 2:00 in the afternoon it just got dark, the moon was eclipsed, and I heard screaming so I looked outside and there was some kind of shadowing creature's with wing's it looked like rushing in and feeding on this man as he was trying to walk down a sidewalk, they fed than left, we thought we were safe until they started coming through the walls and the strange thing was is they were no longer in a spiritual form they were physical so in that we somehow had gun's and shot at them and they just looked and laughed at us while slowly deteriating after they were finished with their bullshit we ran out the back door and they came as soon as we did, they rushed on the two behind me and just so you know there wasn't no way to help because once they have them they have essence of a body then they can turn physical, I know it sound's crazy but this is it so...anyway's there were two ahead of me and we ran down the street and while running a voice was running though my head and I was being told that man will pay for their sin's, I cannot allow this pain anymore. I asked while running isn't this bringing more pain? the voice told me that man is so arrogant and blind they think they can desolate anything so I will see...I asked why...the voice said ....I created them but yet they do not know me..? answer my question then I shall answer your' then told me that it had lost faith in this earth and the darkness is the result from man's sin's, and that the voice had warned them that they shall reap what they sow and this pain will enshroud them but they do not know true misery so they shall see and feel, until one or many can prove to me that they can overcome fear and come closer to me so that I can save them...And I woke up and well here I am anyway's I just thought I should share that think what you want but that was a weird dream and I know what it means but I just can't remember the whole thing detail for detail I just remember how real it felt, I don't know It just made me go outside...?

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    shit thats pretty scary stuff i haven't ever had a dream like that but i keep having a dream that i running through barb wire fences and night and its dark as hell but the moon is up , and i have pet lions that i can control but there are black panthers attacking them , its fucking werid as hell lol ..

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    Repenting is for the brain.....your in a state of confusion and disarray...your all 6s and 7s looks like to me, then you wake up and in actuality your really in strangeland

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    Well Thank's to everyone who helped me figure this out cause I need help trying to get this whatever it is the hell out of me but i havent been able to only building worse and worse every day since I was born

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    Why don't you go fuck yourself with your comments just because you said that, know why because you have no reason for your shit and know what else I can see your blindness anyway's i am not just talking, if you have a problem and want to come and cry about it then I live in sherman, tx so basically you see my pic? well thats what I look like so if you want to cry then come see me, you'll know who I am besides I asked for help not a fucking downgrade keep your shit off this website cause bitch you aint not technician even though you don't know the pledge but yet you said that you listen if I have to quote Aaron...Thank you for that I had to get that off my chest, oh and the statement still stand's

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    Sorry for that last comment I welcome all no matter good nor bad I apologize but the statement stands but I am sorry for criticizing someone elses opinion I shouldnt have

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    To rage or not to rage that is the question. Whether tis nobler to the mind to let him suffer his ignorance, or by rage, end it.

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    In short, when I was Catholic I had a bunch of nightmares like this that disturbed the shit outta me. When I deconverted to Atheism, they stopped/changed to nonreligious themes. Dreams are a reflection of your mental health, and I ultimately don't think Chrisitianity is conducive to proper mental health. My assertion isn't empty speculation, rather I garnered it from many different sources. For starters, read Christopher Hitchen's God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. I'm not a Hitch dick-rider, but he's clever as shit. Even if you ultimately don't agree, he is always an entertaining read. I don't want to go to deep into atheist/theist shit because people will get pissed off, and I don't want to start that shit again

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