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Thread: sign snow the product

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    sign snow the product

    this chiiick gots it.... STRANGE MUSIC. sign her...

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    Snow does have it! tight raps! keep it flowin.

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    Yeah you're right! Strange Lane candidate? It would be nice to have a woman on there lol!

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    Doubt they would cuz they are so intent on having Sundae for some reason... but i'd love to see snow with strange, she kills sundae

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    i posted a huge thread about this. and the possibility of signing her was brought up. re-ignite my thread. it had many responses.

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    way better than that vnasty shit..ahhaha

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    I been sayin this Sign her witta quickness fuk them other bxtches gotdamn vnasty n shit

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    No. I dig her...but no. Strange Music is an indie label. They have more than enough acts to promote and make a name for. So far, Tech is the only one doing it big. Strange needs Kali to do it. Kutt, Scoob, Mayday, Stevie Stone. Eventually Ces-Cru I'm sure. They need to put Lynch back on the map in the horrorcore/underground rap scene. They don't need to sign a female rapper. If any female deserves to be signed, its Nikkiya from "Delusional" and "Promiseland". She has an amazing, unique, and soothing singing voice, and she mixes it up pretty well with rapping or sing-rap. Her song "When I Was High" is defffffffffinitely Strange material. They don't need a female rapper, but having a female presence that can sing/rap as well as fit in, that'd be perfect. But still, not now. In the future, but not now.

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    Jean Grae >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Snow The Product

    And is a lot easier to market since she already has a fanbase

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    hmmmm no

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