I've beet beats an freed to instrumentals, writings mainly mental an I've Had it on lock wit great potentials..off the top my head then I wrote it wit a pencil. I don't use no rentals it's all me dude, I'll come threw wit my weed an 2 bitchs that's down to fuck me,him, an you."you gangsta foo"! That's what I've been hearin all my life, but the truth really I'm just real cutthroatish deep down inside. So if Ima ride then Ima ride. An as for the po po they the can question but ain't gettin damn thing not even lies... Wit y'all I dispise, let me tell y'all I'm rep AP, here let me spell it out for ya that's ANTI-PIG. That mean fuck police, nigga Ima anti pig I don't give a shit, they read off 420 an 187 cause that's the crime we commit. They can't be knowin that I do shit but they still look at me, cause I'm white in nigga close they thought I was a real bad price of meat.