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Thread: THE REAL NEW WEST!!!!!!!!

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    THE REAL NEW WEST!!!!!!!!

    All this whooorahh about Jay Rock. Dude aint even nothing special. Before any of you faggots come like "oh your just hating" go out.....get you a hold of some Crooked I and Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. and knock that shit. THEN!! come back and start talkin bout whos the NEW WEST. Cause compared to these mufuckaz, it sure as fuck aint Jay Rock!

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    not sure why you limit the new west to one group and one other artist...also how is crooked part of the "new" west lol he been grindin for years

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    no one really cares what you say..

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    Yeah crook and them are dope. Far better lyrically. Jay is easier to understand and listen to, also has a stronger voice imo. Comparing two different s of hip hop

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    You're stupid

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    1. The new West should be about west-coast cats coming together and forming an alliance of better west coast music. I think Jay Rock, Crooked I, Hopsin, and others are all great representatives of newer music coming from the west coast. They all do their thing differently but still rep' the west well.

    2. No one gives a shit about your opinion over any others.

    3. You are comparing two pretty different s of rap. I dig very technical, lyrical rap music. But sometimes that shit can get played out, sometimes I just wanna bump some laid back shit.

    4. You're an idiot.

    Wait a minute...that was all said already.

    Please, you act like people on this site haven't listened to Crooked I. And unfortunately, I don't see Jay Rock lasting on Strange very long. I don't think he has a good enough reputation with the Strange crowd. Maybe on here, but at the show nobody was really digging his stuff. I don't know, he's a good connection for Strange though. I'm interested to see his sales for Follow Me Home.

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    You ain't got ta like it cause the hood gon love it....

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    @JASON Crooked has been Doin it for years BUT he's the one that declared "new west" listen to N.W.A (new west anthem) its dope.

    @KING RASTA ever think nobody gives a shit about what YOU say??? esp #3 haha y did u even write that.

    @VICTOR I hella agree Horseshoe GANG is fucking legit and maaaadddddd people r missing out.

    i put them up twice on this website and nobodies given them a listen haha

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    To me all that shit is west. fuck the term new west acting like its any better than the older music. in a few years what are they gonna call it "new new west" "newest west" lol. i like both crooked and jay rocks music they definitely have their own .

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    crooked I isnt even new west fo0oo0o

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