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Thread: Tech talks about odd future

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    Tech talks about odd future

    personally, id wouldnt mind seeing tech and tyler with frank ocean on the hook, i know alot of this site hates on em but i dont mind them

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    idk i'm not a tyler fan but i feel him and tech could do some good stuff together

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    Frank has a great voice hes gonna be on two hooks for watch the throne I would love to see him collab with tech

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    that was the most pointless interview ever...

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    Well I guess that clears up what we all kinda already knew about when tech sent out that Tweet saying if the king of darkness call you better answer being aimed at Tylers lack of a response to get on All 6s and 7s

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    "They said they said no to Kanye I said... Nigga I'm the King Of Darkness nigga what the fuck you talking bout?!"

    OFWGKTA (Oh Fuck We Got Killed & Totally Assassinated)


    -25 street cred.

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    Frank, Yea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blizzum

    Frank, Yea.

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    whatever, Tyler is mad talented, I would love to see them on a track together. I like Tyler, I like Hopsin, and I like small to moderate doses of the better fraction of BOB's material.... To me this whole beef feels engineered from the ground up for a couple of young DIY hip hop prodigies (Tyler, Hopsin) to build cred and recognition off each other's beef and at the same time give BOB a way to make up for that poppy bullshit he put out in getting his own name out there.

    And Frank might have the catchiest male singer's voice to hit the scene in 2011 without coming off like a humongo vagina like way too many crooners come off like, but lets be real, Tyler broke through with Yonkers and Frank Ocean would just be another underrated underground singer if he weren't right by Tyler's side through that.

    The same should be said for SwizZz even though he is still unknown in contrast to Frank Ocean... SwizZz is brilliant and totally underrated but would be even less known in the rap world if he weren't right alongside Hopsin when he started making big moves for himself.

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