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Thread: Can You Keep Up?

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    Can You Keep Up?

    I heard Tech mention in an interview recently that Busta reached out to him to do a song called, "Can You Keep Up" when he was reaching out to him to do WWC. That is all i have heard about the track other than the fact that on the track will be Busta, Twista, and Tech. I was just curious if anyone knows anything more about the track?

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    yeah the track is about hopscotching and whos the fastest.

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    you sir are not being serious right now..

    Quote Originally Posted by Mad dawg
    Got link?

    Quote Originally Posted by trevor
    yeah the track is about hopscotching and whos the fastest.

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    The only thing I can find about the track is that its Busta and Twista, but he was talking to Yelawolf about getting on it.

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    I thought i heard Busta was gonna have Tech and Twista be on a song on his next album.

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