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Thread: Jay Rock "Follow Me Home" Album In Stores Now!

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    Jay Rock "Follow Me Home" Album In Stores Now!

    Jay Rock invites you to , and hear his story from the start.

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    I just saw this last night I'm gunna go buy that shit now ha

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    i got the preorder rockin the t-shirt and bangin that shit

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    Senior Member MacThunder's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Just picked up my copy at Best Buy about an hour ago. Slapped it around in my whip for a sec. I'll hit this thread back up later on tonight after I listen through this cut in depth. So far so good, loving the work I'm hearing as of now!

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    Its deffintley worth the buy its a dope album!

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    just got back from hastings now

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    Senior Member quinngardna's Avatar
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    wish it hit harder.. other than that album is awesome.. he went hard.. no club or radio shit

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    Senior Member Colin P.'s Avatar
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    I got it yesterday at best buy. Great album from what i've heard so far. But what's with the $18.98 listing price? That's pretty high for Jay Rock's debut album on Strange isnt it? I had to argue with the sales reps for a while. I was like, "No way would Strange Music charge 19 bucks for this album!" Guess im eatin crow, cuz they have it listed as that price on the Strange Store too! What's goin on here? Itunes has it at $11.99, and has it at $14.99. So why at Best Buy and on the Strange site is it so overpriced?

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    Senior Member MacThunder's Avatar
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    It took me a minute to get back to this simply because I've been enjoying Follow Me Home so much that I wanted to give it the proper time it deserved to make my review. The cut kicks in hard with Code Red which provides an instrumental that hit so hard in my system it actually rattled my rearview loose no joke lol... That is the moment I knew this album would be an instant ic to follow! Really dug the chorus which reminded me of some ic O.G. tunes from way back. The next song which caught my attention came quickly yet again as No Joke provides lyricism at it's finest alongside Ab-Soul. Fell in love with how smooth this track actually comes off overall. Despite some of the negative feedback I've seen on this site and Facebook about Westside it's actually one of the highlights of Follow Me Home in my opinion. Really easy song to ride to with a bitch or solo in all honesty. Probably just my preferred but aside from that it's an awesome project. Elbows... Oh where to begin with this one? After watching the video of Jay Rock in the studio with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg you already know this joint is straight certified right? That is absolutely correct as the combination of bells/bass/strings within this song could almost drive you to the point of toasting the blunt while cracking heads as this jam takes you smack dab into the heart of Watts at it's grimiest! Jay Rock's voice is showcased tremendously especially on this one as it comes off thunderous at times. Instant fucking ic, nuff said. Once I read the meaning behind Tech's verse on Kill Or Be Killed it actually hit close to home with me in all reality. Knowing I'm surrounded here in Reno by sideways mother fuckers to the point Nina even has to address it is shameful, among the shooting that's already taken place... Honestly I feel Kaliko could have delivered the chorus a bit better but the beat is a bit unorthodox to say the least. Still doesn't take away from the song and I enjoyed it all the way through. Just Like Me is probably in a tie for top spot at the moment with M.O.N.E.Y. Both are very lyrical and heartfelt which definitely takes both to an entirely new level in my opinion. Loved the beats used as well as the hooks which were performed beautifully! Really admire the melody that was delivered to us on both of these gems. Say Wassup is pretty much a T.D.E. anthem in a way which is never a bad thing. Each member is quick to display their mic skills and even seem to be competing in a somewhat comical fashion towards the finish of the song. They Be On It and Finest Hour are satisfying enough to hold your interest and get into which is a huge plus compared to most albums this jam packed these days! Rick Ross could have easily not been included on this album but his verse is good enough to not harm the quality of the music in any way so I was fine with it. In reality Life's A Gamble contains the closing words of Follow Me Home seeing how All My Life is an old single with Weezy thrown on the cut pretty much as a bonus song in a sense. With that in mind Jay's message was sent through to my mind in home run fashion as this song hits deep no doubt. I personally feel that aside from Tech's albums (which are always held highest in regards in my book) that Follow Me Home may be one of best, if not the best Strange Music release to drop yet! I know that's probably a stretch for some of you but honestly that's how much I dug this West Coast masterpiece!


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    Finally picked up the album today... dope album.. can anyone hook it up with the bonus track "choppa krazy"? or where can i get it?

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