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Thread: Is Tech still underground?

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    Is Tech still underground?

    With all the success and attention he's received since all 6s and 7s (I actually saw his video on a MTV countdown) is he still considered underground? Cuz I think he's pretty much blown the fuck up too much to even be considered underground

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    Senior Member trevor's Avatar
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    hes not mainstream.

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    Senior Member hawkeyeguy's Avatar
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    he's not really underground and he's definitely not mainstream.. i just consider him indie now

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    I never even heard about the dj drama mixtape when was that announced?

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    Rumor around KC is he already pays to get his shit on the radio. Just what I've heard from some of the local artists here (KC).

    Quote Originally Posted by twizzy1

    if he ever really wants to go mainstream he has to do what he doesnt want to do.

    and thats to pay to get his shit on mtv and the radio

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    He's on mtv all the time both one and 2 I heard he's a mental giant on ks 107.5 like 3 days ago hmmmmmm and he's worked with wayne tpain snoop busta and gonna work with jay n rick..... tech has gotten what he wants. Mainstream is tech. Just he grabs in more skrill cuz he owns strange

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    its tech, he has no bout dopestream..................

    Quote Originally Posted by hawkeyeguy
    he's not really underground and he's definitely not mainstream.. i just consider him indie now

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    watever you feel like calling "popular"

    hes not underground

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    He is just an Independant artist at this point cause he has his own label without support from a major, but when your album debuts at 4 on billboard and you get all this attention from major artists and labels as well as XXL and all the other big hip hop publications you deffenitaly cant call him underground anymore.

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    these days, i dont thinks theres much of a mainstream or underground. its all kind of molding together. slowly. the mainstream cant really play like tech aint there anymore.

    p.s. ever since everready, i bin knowin tech would eventually literaly HAVE ta do a song wit lil wayne. and then get into the mainstream fan base (not "go mainstream"). with all the hype about lil wayne vs. tech bein the best rapper alive. who really were the top most debated, regaurdless of what people might say. (u cant deny that they were the most argued about. all opinions aside)

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