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    Busta Rhymes

    So Ive been listening to, Look at me Now, Welcome to my Hood Remix, and World Wide Choppers alot recently. He kills all 3 of those verses BUT what do you guys think is the best??? My opinion...that's equal to deciding what Tech N9ne track is your favorite. Opinions??? I really hope he continues this flow...Cause I would love to hear another track like Break Ya Neck ..shit is a ic.

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    I liked Twistas verse more than Bustas.. But a dope song over all.

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    i hope he does.

    because i watch Break Ya Neck on my PS3 nearly everyday.

    but my fav. verse would be worldwide choppers.

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    Busta is a fuckin beast I'd have2 say WWC , then Welcom 2 My Hood Remix

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