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Thread: Living T: January 2nd, 2014 [EP]

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    Living T: January 2nd, 2014 [EP]

    Soo, a little late on posting it here, but on the 2nd I made the goal to write, record, and mix and master 3 tracks. And I did! I think the result was pretty good, but I'm looking for more feedback. "You're The Reason" will probably be a favorite for Strange fans.

    January 2nd, 2014

    <li ="text-align: center;">Chillin' [prod. Jones Beatz]
    <li ="text-align: center;"> #Gangstas [prod. Lone Wolf]
    <li ="text-align: center;">You're The Reason [prod. @PilotBeats]

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    Chillin' Lyrics:

    Relaxin, wit my laptop shinin bright, plottin how to divide the night
    Thinkin bout how this white rap knight is generally the quiet type
    Its weird, but I think that I'm changin, I think that my mind is finally just rearrangin
    All the pieces, yep thats my thesis, pick the diamonds out the feces
    Cuz its time that I'm shinin findin achievement
    In the smallest things, in the simplest art
    I'm lookin for happiness in the fame, ain't no reason to pick it apart
    Overanalyze it, analyze me, tell me who to be, I'm just fantasizin dreamin
    Like the rest of you
    I just wanna put my family, in a better home, buy a new phone for my baby, but you just fester crude
    Thoughts, when I tell you that I rap, n I expect it
    I confess that I sometimes wonder, too, but know its etched into
    My brain that this is what I do, this is where I belong
    And you should know it when you hearin this song, its on

    [Everything I write, its cuz I'm feelin
    When I'm sittin here at night, eyes open but I'm dreamin
    Seein my future in the ceilin
    I'm just chillin, I'm just chillin] x2

    When I ain't out workin for my dad that my Grandma made
    I'm sittin at home writin tracks under this blanket Grandma made
    Man, I love my family, saved me n my opinion of humanity
    When I'm around em, time slows down, finally, sanity!
    Canopy over head, so that the rain slides off
    I'm standin on the edge, gettin ready to fly off
    Spread my wings n fly, tell everything goodbye
    N off to a world of possibilities, I know I'm shy
    But man I'm ready, I'm oh so ready
    I'll bring a coat, don't worry
    Cuz I know the world likes to crap on the dreamers
    I'll move on slow and steady
    But keep my grind on heavy
    N stay on clean ground, call in Stanley Steamer
    If I have to, if trouble comes up call in the big guns
    Theres people out there who got my back, get ready to watch this kid run
    N run, legendary is the finish line
    I know I set huge goals, but I got plenty of time

    #Gangstas Lyrics:

    Kids round here, get up in ya face, tryin to bluff, act tough in the place
    But that aint their life, that aint their fight, n Im about sick, wanna jump in their
    Like STOP, lets heads roll, or move on hoe this aint no Mulan show
    You lil girls aint no fighters, me neither I'm a writer, but I'm tired of you cruisin
    on the low
    Actin like some gangstas, ya'll are straight fakers, n if I have to prove it, I'll
    throw it down, any takers?
    6'3, they don't mess with me, 200 pounds on the referee
    Tryna call shots, aint no weight in yo talk
    You steal to get caught, so you can brag, smokin pot
    Thinkin you so hardcore, thinkin you gon start wars
    Knowin that theres far more worse than this spot
    We borderline Santa Ana, so occasionally theres some phantom branded, in the sidewalk
    But I ain't bout to touch on that
    I see you give me looks as I pass you by, you middle school brats, what, you got high?
    For the first time, thinkin youre cool, knowin that in real trouble, momma wipe your
    Garden Grove hoodlums, joke right there, I love my city, shout the name in the air
    But this ain't Gangland, this ain't block territory
    We ain't got no West Side Story
    Nah, we aint no pussies, but we ain't no G's
    And when it really comes down to it, hate gon freeze
    You all my boys, and we fight if you play us
    But these fake thugs out here, hashtag gangstas

    You're The Reason Lyrics:

    Hatred fills my veins on the daily
    I'm sorry if I can't control what you made me
    I'm sorry that you sent your whore out to play me
    Made me look stupid, but you wonder why I'm angry/
    You're the reason I'm filled with darkness, heartless shell that I've grown
    You're the reason I fell n for so long, couldn't talk to people, rather be alone
    At one time I liked you guys, n your power trip
    But that ship sailed away in eighth grade, when you failed to maintain, now suck
    my dick/
    You failed to maintain friendship, I was devastated
    And all my insecurities were penetrated
    No remorse from you, no apologies
    You ran a hate powered train at my psychology/
    I was the taller bein, callin me sucka?
    But you hit me hard, I was a fallin tree, sucka
    You dictated my pain, I let you Stalin me, sucka
    But I crawled to feet, bucked up, now come holla, see whats up?/

    [You're the reason, I'm chronically depressed
    You're the reason, the darkness took effect
    You're the reason, I'm bruised, stuck in time
    You're the reason, I'm losin my mind] x2

    C-c-call me the Phoenix, ima get up n all yall will see it
    No tears, no ashes, no feelins, Ima drop the scholar demeanor
    Ima go HAM, slow dance with the darkness, play games, but yall were so thoughtless
    Never thought it could come back to bite ya, or bark at ya, whatever you wanna call it/
    But yo, my bark can only last so long, before I lose my voice,
    make your last call home, the raps are strong, cuz Caspers grown, n now the
    laughs are gone
    Silent deaths are the sickest, not droppin your name? Thats a privilege
    Cuz one day I'll have a fanbase and I won't have any way to go fix it/
    So if they come after you its not my fault
    Maybe they'll fulfill fantasies within my thoughts
    N I'll just laugh as you all suffer, same as you did to me
    That'll teach you to disrespect n spit on me
    Pathetic beings, relentlessly shredding me, Ima set it free
    Telling me its all jokes you're just pokin fun while I'm severed bleeding
    Mentally, you see these tears? were my eyes poked, too?
    Well, I'd rather see you all die, that was a joke, too

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    Snippet of a new track I'm working on

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